Fantastic Trees And Where To Find Them: Black Canyon City, Arizona

Let me first address the elephant in the room: I know that saguaro aren't technically trees. However, they are described as being tree-like cactus and they happen to be my favorite large cacti, so they get to have a Fantastic Trees feature! 

These gorgeous and old saguaros were found in the small "city" of Black Canyon City, just off the interstate. If you drive down the interstate from Flagstaff towards Phoenix the scenery changes pretty quickly at one point, going from forests filled with pines and cedar trees to desert dotted with giant saguaro.  The elevation changes, and with it the flora with it. These are some of the northernmost saguaro, as they only grow in the Sonora Desert!

Fun fact: Not all saguaro cacti grow arms, but when they do grow their first arm they are usually around 100 years old! 

P.S. Saguaro look almost exactly like the cactus emoji 🌵🌵🌵!

Fantastic Trees And Where To Find Them: Whatcom Falls, Washington

Last spring I was visiting Bellingham, Washington and was told that we would probably go hiking at Whatcom Falls. I knew that the park was pretty small (especially compared to some of the sprawling state and national parks), so I went into the hike not expecting much of the area.

The park was amazing, and honestly the views just kept getting better. It wasn't a long hike, but the main waterfall was lovely. It was surrounded by greenery and able to be viewed from the cool bridge going over the river or around and under the bridge. 

We continued up the river and found this fantastic scene. I was kind of surprised that Lord of the Rings elves didn't step out and welcome us to their home.


I hope this photo reminds you as well as myself to not underestimate the fantastic trees and scenes that can be found in small regional parks, like Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham!

Art vs. Artist Challenge

There are a lot of challenges floating around the internet, ranging from ones that are befuddling, to ones that are are dangerous. To be honest most of the challenges I try to figure out what they are, then after seeing the photos/videos often just as “why!?!?!”.

This challenge is one I can get behind, and participate in though! The  #artvsartist challenge. Selfie in the middle, surrounded by your art! Apparently it’s been around a while on Twitter, but that isn’t my social media channel of choice. 

Art vs Artist.jpg

Narrowing down photos was so difficult! I wanted the collected pieces to sum up my work, but it feels like I've left out so many beautiful photographs. Compiling these photos was a good reminder though as to why the word "vibrant" has been used to describe my photography! 

Have you participated in the #artvsartist challenge? I'd love to see yours if you share one!

Fantastic Trees And Where To Find Them: Oak Harbor, Washington

Flowering trees will always be some of my favorites. Moving back to a climate that has winter has meant having to learn new ways to make it through months of cold, grey rainy days. However, one of the perks of moving back to somewhere with winter was that it also meant there is a much more pronounced spring season! The days are still pretty cold, grey and rainy, but they aren't quite as cold, and flowers start to show up. Slowly at first, with crocuses and really brave daffodils, then you look up and there are trees that are in full bloom.

This flowering plum tree was found in Oak Harbor, Washington.