Fantastic Trees and Where to Find Them: San Clemente, California

Middle of summer and my mind can't help but to wander to palm trees. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and are often found in warm areas. I think there are a few planted around Seattle, though I'm not sure how they survive the winter here.  If you look closely enough you can almost hear the waves crashing onto the beach, every so often hearing the wind as it plays in the palm fronds, catching the smell of salt in the air and feel the warmth of the southern California sun beaming down on you. 

These fantastic palm trees were found in San Clemente, California. They are right on the main part of the beachfront, not too far away from the pier that juts out into the ocean. 

Fantastic Trees and Where to Find Them: Hidden Lake Trail, Washington

Some trees that I post about will be really easy to see for yourself, if you're in the area of course. Other trees require miles of hiking and a whole lot of determination to see in person. I'm not a great hiker, but the lure of stunning views and a chance to photograph them will get me to hike places I never really pictured myself going. However, even if you never hike here, you can still enjoy the photos I captured while hiking!

These fantastic trees were above the tree line in the Northern Cascade Mountains along the Hidden Lake Trail. Apparently the Northern Cascade Mountains are sometimes referred to as the American Alps, which makes sense when you see the alpine meadows, rocky alcoves and snow capped peaks. 

Have you gone hiking at all this summer?

Fantastic Trees and Where to Find Them: Echo Point, Australia

I have this thing for trees. Specifically for the kinds of trees that beg to be photographed because of how unique or magnificent they are. Thus I bring to you a new blogging feature with a tree photo and a bit of information about where to find them. Though, I truly think you can find fantastic trees (or cacti) almost anywhere. 

This fantastic tree was found in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It was at Echo Point, near Katoomba. The light catching the bare limbs caught my eye, and the way that it contrasted against the cloudless sky. 

P.S. Ten points to your house if you get the reference for the blogging feature title. 

Travel Tuesday: Fort Ebey State Park


This month is a whirlwind so far, and that whirlwind has not included a lot of time to sit down and edit photos, meaning I don't have a giant post full of Washington photos to share with you yet. This one was from Fort Ebey State Park and just sums up Washington beaches in my mind. They should have more pebbles and rocks than sand and there should be copious amounts of driftwood, and not a lot of sunshine! I really do love how gorgeous it is in the Pacific Northwest hough!