Fantastic Trees and Where to Find Them: Echo Point, Australia

I have this thing for trees. Specifically for the kinds of trees that beg to be photographed because of how unique or magnificent they are. Thus I bring to you a new blogging feature with a tree photo and a bit of information about where to find them. Though, I truly think you can find fantastic trees (or cacti) almost anywhere. 

This fantastic tree was found in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It was at Echo Point, near Katoomba. The light catching the bare limbs caught my eye, and the way that it contrasted against the cloudless sky. 

P.S. Ten points to your house if you get the reference for the blogging feature title. 

Travel Tuesday: Fort Ebey State Park


This month is a whirlwind so far, and that whirlwind has not included a lot of time to sit down and edit photos, meaning I don't have a giant post full of Washington photos to share with you yet. This one was from Fort Ebey State Park and just sums up Washington beaches in my mind. They should have more pebbles and rocks than sand and there should be copious amounts of driftwood, and not a lot of sunshine! I really do love how gorgeous it is in the Pacific Northwest hough! 

Travel Tuesday: Meandering To Washington


As you might have guessed, we are no longer in Okinawa. We aren't in California yet either, though we did have a bit of a layover in San Francisco on our way up to Washington State. We're spending some time with my husband's family, as we haven't seen them in three years. 

That very first photo was from the Naha airport. I'm going to miss seeing those gorgeous orchids anytime I'm at the airport. The plane wing with the deep blues and teals was just as we were leaving Okinawa. I had such a strange mix of emotions with leaving. Part of it still just feels like we're on a vacation and we'll be going back in a few weeks. 

Flying out of San Francisco gave us a chance to see the Golden Gate Bridge. That iconic bridge is in the photo, up on the left, though it really didn't look impressive at all from our altitude. I'm looking forward to seeing it again from a vantage point that doesn't leave it looking like a toy. 

This trip did have one extra little bit of excitement added in. We were flying two cats internationally. Now, I'm not sure if you know this, but most cats aren't exactly huge fans of being in a kennel, let alone being in a kennel for about 24 hours and not getting breakfast before they went! To make matters even more fun we got to pick them up between flights and get them re-checked. Which meant we got to go through security before each and every one of our flights. 

Going through security a gazillion times might not seem like such a horrid thing, but it isn't exactly fun when your carry-on happens to be playing host to a laptop, a camera, a few lenses, a few hard drives, card readers, flashes, remotes, a bamboo tablet, and a bird's nest of cords for all of the above. They made me entirely unpack it and run it through the x-ray machines in much smaller batches before they let me go on my merry way. In their defense my carry-on did look suspiciously like I was up to no good, or lots of photography! Do you have any awesome tips on how to safely get your technological toys to the next destination while flying, without getting flagged as a suspicious flyer? 

Fabulous Friday: Sayonara Okinawa


Sayonara means goodbye in Japanese.  I don't really know what more to say than goodbye. 

If I were better with words I would be able to say what all Okinawa has meant to me through my time on island. But I can't even create solid thoughts on the topic, so getting it written down into a blog post isn't very likely to happen. 

I do want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for following my photography journey in Japan and for sticking around as I head back to the US.  

And Okinawa, you will always have a special place in my heart. 

Travel Tuesday: Okinawa By Air


If you need to find a way to fall in love with Okinawa, the hour flight tour offered by the Aero Club on Kadena is the way to go!  The flight might have only been an hour, but it packed in a chance to see and experience in a whole new way the beautiful landscapes. 

It was stunning to see both new and familiar areas of the island. And seeing the water from above is simply breathtaking! 

The whole island felt a lot smaller than it normally does when we circled most of it within the hour.  And our tour guide/ pilot, Lance did an amazing job at pointing out areas of interest and answering all the random questions I could come up with. 

From time to time it was rather bumpy, so if you get motion sickness you may want to keep that in mind before rushing off to take an arial tour in a plane that is barely larger than a shoebox. 

If you get a chance I highly recommend taking the flight tour! It was amazing, and now I want to take arial tours of everywhere I visit!