Okinawa Adventure Photography: Bios on the Hills

Sorry it has been so quiet around here lately. I was gone for a few weeks on an amazing vacation to Hawaii. Then, since I have been back I've been recovering from vacation. The incredibly hot weather Okinawa has been having isn't making me all that motivated recently either.  

I decided to try a new way of showcasing at least some of my photos on the blog. It should help highlight a few more of the details of Bios on the Hill with 7 photos instead of randomly posting them throughout the next year or however long it would take me to post them. 

James and I explored around Bios on the Hill one afternoon after hearing a few good things about the place. It was beautifully taken care of and had things for all different sorts of people to enjoy.  I really enjoyed the tons of orchids in all different colors, shapes, and sizes!

There was an awesome walkway, even if it was a little less stable than I would have liked, that wandered through a pond full of lotus leaves.  There were only a couple of lotus flowers, so what caught my eye was the water droplet nestled in a lotus leaf.

There were quite a few chickens and roosters wandering around the grounds of Bios on the Hill. This rooster stopped pecking for a moment to pose for his picture. 

Thanks to Google, I now know that this is a peace lily.  

I love goats. And sheep. There were quite a few goats here and I was thrilled! It may or may not have been one of the selling points for me when I was looking into visiting. They had carrot sticks you could buy to feed the goats, and I just couldn't resist. Carrot sticks always help goats look straight up at the camera for photos! 

I'm not much of a bug person, but this little red dragonfly was patiently waiting for me to take it's photo before it hovered off to wherever it was going. 

One cool feature that Bios on the Hill has is boat tours. To go on the tour there is a small additional fee when you enter the park. It took about 30 minutes and was fascinating, even though all of the information was in Japanese.  It provided some amazing views and let us get out of the rain! The tour boats were fun to take photos of while we waited for our tour too. 

There were just so many amazing flowers at Bios on the Hill. I didn't include photos of all of the ones that I took or you would be convinced that I was strictly turning into a flower photographer. I think this is a wild rose of some sort.  

I hope you enjoyed a few of the details from Bios on the Hill. Let me know what you think of this new blogging style!