Day One in Hawaii

One thing that will always amuse me is the time travel that happens when you cross the international date line. I left Okinawa at 9:30AM and arrived in Hawaii at 7:30AM of the same date!  I managed to arrive only two hours before I left, thanks to flying through Fukuoka and Shanghai. 

Thanks to arriving early in the day, I decided to check out the Pearl Harbor Exhibits. I checked my bag through for my next flight that evening and then found a bus station. An exasperated, yet very kind, bus driver let me know that I had only just missed the bus I needed to be on for the Pearl Harbor Exhibits. He then told me that I might as well get on and he'd let me know where to transfer, and which bus to get on next. There was only one transfer I had to take, so it really wasn't as complicated as the bus driver made it sound. It was really kind of him to take the time to make sure I knew how to get where I wanted to go. 

Once I had arrived at the Pearl Harbor Memorials, the exhibits were all so sobering. Something that caught me by surprise was the number of people visiting the memorials that were from other countries. It was a pretty clear reminder that the war affected the entire world. 

The USS Arizona Memorial was sold out for the day, so instead I saw the USS Bowfin Submarine and Museum, Battleship Missouri Memorial,  and the Pacific Aviation Museum. The Aviation Museum wasn't nearly as photogenic as the submarine and battleship were.   


The Battleship Missouri offered a guided tour and the guide did a great job pointing out the important and interesting aspects of the ship. He told the stories where they were the most relevant as well. It is fascinating to hear history being told while you are standing where it took place. 

Good job if you've made it all the way to the end of this photo and word heavy post. While it does take longer to put the posts together when I include more than just the what and where of the photo, I think it is worth it as it offers a bit more insight. 

The rest of my photos from Hawaii won't be quite as day specific, but Pearl Harbor needed it's own post. It just didn't seem right to have photos from war memorials scattered amongst lighthearted vacation posts.