Hawaii Adventure Photography: Waipio Valley

This past week has been quite an adventure for my poor computer. A week and a half ago the graphics card decided to go kaput, so I got to spend some quality time on the phone with tech support while we worked on figuring out that it was the graphics card that was causing my whole computer to go haywire. Long story short, I got my computer back yesterday and am sooooooooo incredibly grateful to have it back and fixed!   

Due to my computer being back and being able to actually multi-task on it, I edited a few more photos from Hawaii.  The view was breathtaking and it was one of the places my aunt showed me on our very first day in Hawaii!  

On an entirely random note, I have the song "Friday I'm In Love" by The Cure stuck in my head. It's Thursday, but I am in love!

Anything random about your day?