Travel Tuesday: Just Around The Corner

I peeked through pictures from exactly a year ago to include in this post. These were all from a random adventure with Meg. 

The title works for both the pictures, which were taken just around the corner in Okinawa and a story from last night. As you may know my hubby is in the Marine Corps, which means that he is has to stay in shape and you know... be able to run and stuff. Last night I geared up to go jogging (and to be honest calling it jogging is pretty generous with how slow of a "runner" I am) and James decided to come with. 

We started jogging together and I was pretty proud of how well I was doing. I was keeping pace with him and hadn't slowed to a walk yet. Then James turned to me and asked where he should turn around, then started actually running. He didn't even have the grace to make it look like it was taxing him at all!

I did eventually catch up with him. Not because I was ever fast enough to catch up, but because he was patiently waiting at the agreed upon meet up spot. By that time I sounded more like an asthmatic moose than a human being. He might have been just around the corner for a decent part of that jog, but it was discouraging none the less. At least I scouted an awesome location for a session during the jog!

How do you stay motivated when someone else makes something look easy that you're struggling with?