Travel Tuesday: Okinawa By Air


If you need to find a way to fall in love with Okinawa, the hour flight tour offered by the Aero Club on Kadena is the way to go!  The flight might have only been an hour, but it packed in a chance to see and experience in a whole new way the beautiful landscapes. 

It was stunning to see both new and familiar areas of the island. And seeing the water from above is simply breathtaking! 

The whole island felt a lot smaller than it normally does when we circled most of it within the hour.  And our tour guide/ pilot, Lance did an amazing job at pointing out areas of interest and answering all the random questions I could come up with. 

From time to time it was rather bumpy, so if you get motion sickness you may want to keep that in mind before rushing off to take an arial tour in a plane that is barely larger than a shoebox. 

If you get a chance I highly recommend taking the flight tour! It was amazing, and now I want to take arial tours of everywhere I visit!