Fantastic Trees And Where To Find Them: Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake National Park was actually one that surprised me. Some places or parks are so well known and so photographed that visiting there for the first time almost seems too familiar, like you've already partially experienced the place. Crater Lake was a pretty unknown location to me. I knew it was a crater, and a lake, and had heard that it was gorgeous, which was enough for me to want to see and photograph it.


I visited on a cloudless day in early October, and in those conditions the lake looks Photoshopped it's so blue! The lake doesn't have any water flowing into or out of it, and it happens to be ridiculously deep, giving the lake it's pristine, vivid sapphire hue! It's the deepest lake in the United States and comes in at ninth deepest in the world. To give how deep Crater Lake is a sense of scale... you could stack the Eiffel Tower, Washington Monument, and Statue of Liberty in the deepest point!

Have you been anywhere that has surprised you with how amazing it is?