Christmas Socks and Calendars

My dad is one of the most difficult and one of the easiest people in the world to Christmas shop for. He is difficult to shop for because he doesn't want "things". I've scoured dozens of "Top Christmas Gifts for Guys" type lists, and finished the lists discouraged because every single item listed is one that would make my Dad a bit puzzled as to why I spent money on that for him. He doesn't want the latest tech gadget or bacon Band-Aids.

He is easy to shop for though because he likes new socks. For years I've defaulted to getting him new socks for Christmas. And when I say socks I'm not talking about the fancy stylized ones with cool colors and patterns. Nope, they are the black or white cotton crew socks that come in a big bag and happen to be the socks that he wears to work every day.

You may be thinking at this point..."What in the world do Rochelle's dad's socks have to do with calendars???". Well you see, this year he actually asked for the Wandering Washington calendar for Christmas! Which means that calendars are officially a fantastic Christmas gift for the people in your life who are difficult to shop for.

This year you can elevate your gifting game from socks and give that difficult person (or people, let's be honest!) a stunning calendar they will enjoy throughout the entire year.

Check out the calendars available here!

Pssst... Dad, you still have to act surprised on Christmas!