Wandering Through The Forest

The other day I was scrolling through my photos posted on Instagram, hunting down a photo being used in a calendar so that I could double check the location. While I was looking through my images I started to get a little choked up. {Just so you know, I'm not someone who gets choked up very often or very easily.} I felt overwhelmingly grateful to have seen, experienced and photographed so many truly stunning places in this world. 

So many of these photos practically teleport me back to the location and the moment when they were taken.

iaOct 01.jpeg

This boardwalk carves a path out to the westernmost point in contiguous United States. When you look at the photo can you feel that It is an old growth forest? Wind whispering through the leaves and pine needles. Fog leaving it's slightly cool touch on the air. Glance around and you'll see the moss growing on any surface that sits still long enough. And don't forget the clean, earthy smell, laced ever so slightly with the smell of decaying foliage.  

Some people may think that they are just photos, but to me they will always be a way to travel through time and space, if only in my mind.

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