Fantastic Trees and Where To Find Them: Stevens Pass, Washington

So... as some of you may know, I do not like cold weather. I seem to be freezing when other people are mildly cold, cold when other people are comfortable, and comfortable when other people are sweltering. I often try to blame it on being acclimated to Okinawa and Southern California, but I have memories of being quite cold throughout my childhood, which was spent in Alaska and Northern Minnesota, where winters are bitterly cold. 

For the most part I try to avoid cold weather, and actively work at staying away from frigid climates. I will occasionally deal with being cold for a while if it means I get to photograph something pretty. A couple of Sundays ago I braved the cold to take photos at Stevens Pass in Washington, where these snow capped, fantastic trees were found!

What will entice you out into weather you don't enjoy?

S Rochelle Photography 20171210_IMG_2456.jpg