Fantastic Trees and Where to Find Them: Glacier National Park, Montana

To say that I was unimpressed is a HUGE understatement to what was going through my mind upon arriving at the St. Mary Falls trailhead in Glacier National Park. The last few miles along the road wandering through the park all of the trees were burnt. A forest fire must have swept through a few years ago, leaving the trees charred and the landscape looking barren. The road through Glacier had been full of grandiose landscapes, jutting mountain tops, distant glaciers, and a few really adorable mountain goats, which made the stark, crispy landscape even more disappointing to me. So there I was at the trailhead, unimpressed, uninspired, underwhelmed and unable to see the beauty that was hidden by my not so great attitude. 

S Rochelle Photography Glacier National Park Montana 20170811-IMG_7447.jpg

It took around half of the way to St. Mary's Falls along with some pretty stern mental conversations with myself before I started to begrudgingly see the beauty amongst the blacked trunks. I think I may have needed the reminder though, to not just look for the beauty around the trees, but to find the beauty in them as well. So here are some fantastic trees, even if they are a bit on the charred side. This view was looking down river from St. Mary's Falls.