Fantastic Trees and Where to Find Them: Okinawa, Japan

This post might be a little more accurately titled "Fantastic Tree *Roots* and Where to Find Them... but it just doesn't flow quite as well as the original title! 


These fantastic roots were found in Okinawa, Japan. I was off on an adventure to find some wilderness, or at least a night away from the city lights with the intent to camp on a little beach cove I'd found on a map. At the time I had a mini-minivan, seriously it had the sliding side doors and all, only it was the size of a car. The road to get down to the beach just added to the adventure with how rough it was, but Dobby, my mini-minivan dealt with the giant potholes and rutted trail, which meant that I was actually able to get to and camp at the beach cove. While I was there I hadn't planned on doing much photography, but these tree roots growing around a boulder caught my eye, so I grabbed my camera and captured some photos of the fantastic roots.

Has anything caught your eye to the point where you change plans to photograph it, or even just go back to see it a little more closely?