Fantastic Trees and Where To Find Them: Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Mount Rainier National Park is essentially in my back yard. Ok, so technically speaking it is a few hours away, but it is certainly well within range where visiting should not have taken me as long as it did. Especially considering that I've taken road trips to Utah when I had a long weekend free more than once (where the destinations were over 16 hours away!!!)!

Even Rainier it being as close as it is I didn't actually visit until October of last year. Somehow it was a really clear weekend, which made it perfect for photographing the area, as Rainier is often almost invisible due to the cloud cover. 

Driving around the east side of the mountain I saw this scene slowly unfolding before me. The river running through the valley meant that the hills framed the peak in an interesting way. I was about to photograph from the pull out when I saw the vivid leaves up ahead tucked into the road side. I headed straight there and was delighted to find how well the yellow trees framed the scene, as well as being sprinkled throughout the valley!


Have you ever taken forever to visit somewhere that was practically in your back yard?