Art vs. Artist Challenge

There are a lot of challenges floating around the internet, ranging from ones that are befuddling, to ones that are are dangerous. To be honest most of the challenges I try to figure out what they are, then after seeing the photos/videos often just as “why!?!?!”.

This challenge is one I can get behind, and participate in though! The  #artvsartist challenge. Selfie in the middle, surrounded by your art! Apparently it’s been around a while on Twitter, but that isn’t my social media channel of choice. 

Art vs Artist.jpg

Narrowing down photos was so difficult! I wanted the collected pieces to sum up my work, but it feels like I've left out so many beautiful photographs. Compiling these photos was a good reminder though as to why the word "vibrant" has been used to describe my photography! 

Have you participated in the #artvsartist challenge? I'd love to see yours if you share one!