Fantastic Trees And Where To Find Them: Whatcom Falls, Washington

Last spring I was visiting Bellingham, Washington and was told that we would probably go hiking at Whatcom Falls. I knew that the park was pretty small (especially compared to some of the sprawling state and national parks), so I went into the hike not expecting much of the area.

The park was amazing, and honestly the views just kept getting better. It wasn't a long hike, but the main waterfall was lovely. It was surrounded by greenery and able to be viewed from the cool bridge going over the river or around and under the bridge. 

We continued up the river and found this fantastic scene. I was kind of surprised that Lord of the Rings elves didn't step out and welcome us to their home.


I hope this photo reminds you as well as myself to not underestimate the fantastic trees and scenes that can be found in small regional parks, like Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham!