Prints And Wall Art: Ie No Hama Beach

Okinawa is a pretty small island, but even in small places it can be easy to visit the same places or travel the same routes even when adventuring. One day I went on a completely new route to visit the northern part of the island where I captured this image. Along the way I was surprised when the road started singing to me! It was a melody road, and Japan has them throughout their prefectures.

Musical roads work kind of like rumble strips, but the groves cut into the road are designed to make your car vibrations play a melody when you drive over them! Not too long after being delighted by melody road, the highway opened up to this beautiful view. I of course had to pull over and photograph the stunning Okinawa teal water with the Ie No Hama sea stacks at the far side of the bay.

This wall art is perfect if you miss those “Oki teals” or want to add a little tropical seascape to your place! 

Prints, wall art and digital downloads are available in the shop! 

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