Travel Tuesday: Nakagusuku

One thing I adore about photography is the memories associated with a single image. To nearly everyone else in the world this is merely an image of Nakagusuku Castle ruins. My memories paint a picture though of all of the extra amazing things that happened that day to make this image more than just a picture of Nakagusuku.  This photo was taken last Christmas Eve, while my immediate family members were all visiting from the states. We happened to visit the castle the same day there was a festival going on for the little yellow flowers in the photo, so my entire family got to experience so much more than just castle ruins. They were given snacks, coffee and the best seats to the festival show, including local dances and songs. After the show they were taught how to play some of the local instruments and we were treated like the most important guests at the event! So you may see an image of flowers and stone walls, but I see memories of a family I miss and a most wonderful opportunity that we happened upon!