Travel Tuesday: Hawai'i Volcanos National Park


Hawai'i, or more specifically, the island of Hawai'i is so amazingly diverse! The diversity among the landscapes was one of my favorite features while visiting. The other favorite feature of course was getting to visit with my aunt and one of my best friends! 

Hawai'i was just full of surprises. Aunt Laura was playing tour guide, so I didn't do a ton of research on the area, though often I'd rather be surprised than do all the research. The pleasant surprises along the way just feed the incurable wanderlust. 

There is always somewhere new to see and visit, so where are you longing to go? 

Travel Tuesday: More Wandering in Hawaii

Not all those who wander are lost. - JRR Tolkien

I know it's Travel Tuesday, not They Said it Thursday, but I've had that quote stuck in my mind lately and it seemed more fitting to share it with images of wandering than anything else. 

Sometimes I forget that wandering can be somewhere much closer to home than a 10 hour flight away. The other day during a photo session we wandered the other way down the beach and it was awesome. The waves were coming in higher than I'd seen at that beach before and they'd worn away so much of the jagged rock.   It wasn't quite as much wandering as visiting a new country, but it was still something new.

When was the last time you found somewhere new? Let me know in the comments and I'd love to know what you think about these new features up on the blog! 

Travel Tuesday: Akaka Falls, Hawaii

I'd like to introduce you to the second weekly feature here on the blog, Travel Tuesday!  It probably won't come as much of a surprise to you that I adore traveling and part of the fun for me is the images I capture while traveling. I can always look back at those photos and remember vividly the travels and the amazing memories!

These are a few shots from Akaka Falls Sate Park in Hawaii. My aunt took us there on our very first day in Hilo and I was convinced that she wouldn't be able to top all of the gorgeous sights she showed us the first day. Every day after that she managed to show us a little more of Hawaii that showcased the natural beauty and wonder of the island. Such a gorgeous place and an amazing adventure!

What is your favorite part of traveling? Is it seeing new sights, exploring foreign cultures, trying out different foods, or something entirely different? Let me know in the comments!