Prints and Wall Art: Broken Arch

As someone who was raised mainly in the northern midwest, the southwest completely fascinates me. Every visit to the region has revealed a new place that feels completely different from the evergreen and hardwood forests and grassy plains that were the typical scenes throughout my childhood. Arches National Park was full of places that were new, and breathtaking!

Add an epic southwest landscape into your space and let it bring a sense of adventure int your space.

Okinawa Adventure Photography: Catching the Rainbow Flying Out of the Lighthouse

This morning was spent location scouting with a side of adventure. After checking out the location, and making sure the light would be perfect, the wandering continued. Meandering eventually led to Cape Zanpa Lighthouse and exactly the right location to see the rainbow flying out of the lighthouse. 

August 13, 2013 Cape Zanpa Lighthouse in Okinawa, Japan.