Travel Tuesday: More Wandering in Hawaii

Not all those who wander are lost. - JRR Tolkien

I know it's Travel Tuesday, not They Said it Thursday, but I've had that quote stuck in my mind lately and it seemed more fitting to share it with images of wandering than anything else. 

Sometimes I forget that wandering can be somewhere much closer to home than a 10 hour flight away. The other day during a photo session we wandered the other way down the beach and it was awesome. The waves were coming in higher than I'd seen at that beach before and they'd worn away so much of the jagged rock.   It wasn't quite as much wandering as visiting a new country, but it was still something new.

When was the last time you found somewhere new? Let me know in the comments and I'd love to know what you think about these new features up on the blog! 

Travel Tuesday: One Day in Australia

A little over a year ago I was traveling Australia with my husband. That trip was one of my favorite trips. We decided to save money on hotels and bring a tent to camp in instead. I did insist that we bring an air mattress though. We rented a car as well for our three week jaunt around New South Wales and Queensland.

Due to how mobile we were with the rental car we managed to cover about 8000 kilometers in our three weeks there. As I look back through photos I'm amazed at how much we managed to fit into our time there. Each day was filled with adventures of some sort and most days were spent traveling onto the next place as well.

These photos are all from one day, if that shows you a bit of the extreme variety that we'd see while traveling. 

I adored the bright yellow canola fields! I made sure we stopped at one to get photos of it.

This last image was from right outside our campground. This was also the campground that we found out that there are all sorts of parrots in Australia and some of them are considered real pests. 


So there you have just a brief glimpse into one day of our Australia trip. Do you have a favorite trip that you've gone on? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!