Happy New Year

Well hello, 2014! You're looking quite shiny and new!

It is that time of year where I should be doing a giant post about 2013 and filling you in on all of my goals and dreams for 2014. Quite honestly though I'm still thinking through it all. I don't have all of my goals set for 2014, but one that I do have is that I'm embarking on a 365 project during 2014. I want to carry my camera with me more, and capture a bit more of the day to day aspects of life. Instead of posting the images daily I'll be posting a weekly roundup. What I hope to get from this project is an amazing documentation of our year and the changes it will bring. 

Travel Tuesday: Less Than A Week

In less than a week I'm flying back to the US to visit my family for Christmas! I'm excited to see them and pretty excited to be back in the States in general. I'll be meeting my new niece and watching four generations of my family celebrate Christmas together! 

While we've been in Okinawa I have managed to acclimate marvelously, so I'm pretty sure I'll freeze nearly to death while we're visiting coastal North Carolina. If you have any awesome tips on how to stay warm (and not look like a puffy marshmallow) when you're used to MUCH warmer temperature please comment and share your tips and tricks! 

Travel Tuesday: Fly me to the moon..

Well, I've never been flown to the moon, but I do love a good Frank Sinatra song! The moon plays a part in each of these photos, but not as the focal point. These photos were literally taken all over the world, and it is just amazing how no matter where you go, the moon is there too!